Single People Can Have Fun In the Summer Too!


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Most break ups happen in the Spring time. People want to be free to date other people in the summer time. But not to worry. If you recently had your heart broken, embrace it and deal with the hurt. Look forward to an awesome summer. Single people are able to get up and go whenever and wherever they please. They are in charge of their own plans. That is the best feeling. Single people do not have to ask permission to cancel date night to go out with friends. They just go and meet up with their friends and meet more new people. Do not be afraid to come out of your shell. Be an extravert and make a new friend every time you go out to a lounge, concert,  barbecue, beach, and having lunch in the park. It is a known fact a person can easily make friends when…

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The Art of Album Covers

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I’m old enough to fondly remember the days when a new album release was an event to look forward to, not only for the music, but for the works of art that used to be album covers.  My sister used to place her favorite album covers on the trim ledge above her bedroom windows, with the exception of Prince’s For You, which she used as a surface to roll up certain dried plants into little pieces of white paper.  That album was slid underneath her stereo, hidden, or so she thought (what a stoner move, huh?).  Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, Stevie Wonder, all those album covers are etched into my memory.  I loved to stare at them, not realizing them as art at the time, but drawn to them all the same.  The scale, the fold out design, the liner notes, all made for an experience.  I’m really…

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Who are the 10 kinds of guys that you will get in contact with during high school days?

          High school is enjoyable and plays a very significant phase in one’s existence that is merely unbelievable to disregard. Not just that we are taught with so many things academically but also on a communal front we see fresh things and achieve oodles of information. But, high school is a bit complicated than you think it is for you may encounter people here that are the same with the kind of guys you met during your junior years. Here are some of the possible kinds of guys that you can be acquainted with while in your high school days.


This is the kind of guy that is exactly staggered while talking to a girl and the peak point of all is asking some notes from a girl. This shy guy apparently never go out on a date with a girl and possibly, stays away from famous bees in the school. He probably doesn’t mix up with guys and chooses to keep on being a low profile individual.


This guy’s philosophy is the more the merrier. There will be no enough number of girlfriends for them. They can easily charm girls with their few sweet words, or with their persona. When you fall in their tricks and you love them already, you will then find yourself being hurt and break, and the worse of all it might be with your best friend. So when someone warns you about a dangerous guy, believe her, for they say that there will never be fire without a smoke.


You may witness a group of guys like these that just roams around in the playground or in the gym. They are not often seen in the classrooms and constantly get a low academic marking. Lots of these are sometimes arrogant and always within their am so cool bubble and discover it that it is too hard to be polite with anyone. But most of them can be good, but if there is anything in this world that is really important to them, it is their game. You are lucky if you are in the cheer leading organization for you will have much more time hanging with him.


Each class has at least one of these guys that are hiding behind a huge pair of bore glasses with loads of books. The geek is the initial student to pass on all the requirements and usually gets the perfect scores on exams. He is the guy that will extend the lecture by merely asking queries after the teacher finished her lessons. This guy may annoy you sometimes, but still be good with him for he might be of help with you in the future with your submissions and dues on assignments and projects.


This is the guy who has been awfully brat from his rich roots and dominant parents. Usually goes to school carrying his expensive phone with his latest car and acting as if he owns the world. He usually messed up with things and believes that he can get away with anything through his power, influence and cash.


This guy is really fun to be with and hanging out with him can give you many connections inside and outside of the campus. He knows every happenings in the school and always busy and present in every party. This kind of guy can also help you have some VIP pass and special treatment in the party since he is very popular in this level.


There will always be few guys in school that is always ready to start a fight with anybody in any place he will be in. These guys usually move in troops, are not afraid of beating other guys and seem to enjoy bullying other kids too. These are the kind of guys that you must avoid and be aware of, and if some threatening happens, don’t be afraid to report it in the school administration for possible disciplinary actions.


This is the guy that might not be able to notice for the whole school year since he prefers being alone most of the time and does not make friends often. Usually he prefers to be alone simply by choice and sometimes by because of some circumstances wherein classmates around him simply discard him and simply makes fun of him. Most of the time, loner guys are suffering from family and personal problems, so just be careful when talking with them and be good to them for these are guys that sometimes take their own lives if the troubles are unbearable.


He is the hot and talk in the school. Girls usually flirt with him and he is always surrounded by a group of girls. He is the flawless guy who has an appealing demeanor that it’s very hard that you will not possibly like and adore him. His magnetic eyes will surely captures you, but beware my dear because for sure, half of those girls that surround him already dated him, and I’m sure you don’t want to be counted with them too, so be careful with his killer smile and his sweet nothings.

Genuinely a Nice GuyGENUINELY A NICE GUY

Well yes, this kind of guy still exists. He is the guy that respects girls, shows politeness to everybody around him and also stays in the fine books with his teachers. Genuinely nice guy may not gain a massive number of friends but for sure, he will have few best friends that will be true to him and will always stay by his side when everything else run out. Having him as a friend is a treasure memory for an enjoyable high school life.